Thanks to technology, we are able to have multiple tools in just one device. We can find an app for almost any need! Is common to hear about apps where you can find recipes, buy things and even find workout routines; but what about mental health? I search and tried different apps that guide you through your thoughts and emotions so you can relieve stress and have a healthy state of mind. Here are the best apps I found:

Zoe Caballero

1. Woebot - Your Self-Care Expert (iOS & Android)

Zoe Caballero
  • Created by psychologists from Stanford School of Medicine, this friendly little robot will chat with you any time you need it and will help you manage anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness among other feelings. The app is very simple to use and some of its features are: lessons about mindfulness and self-care, emotional guidance, and a mood tracker. With simple conversations, Woebot will help you through difficult moments and teach you how to control your thoughts to think better. On the other hand, in the happy moments, he will add them to a gratitude journal. Another thing: it's completely free.

Check Woebot's website to know more:

2. InnerHour - Live Happier (iOS & Android)

Zoe Caballero

Depending on the program of your choosing, you are given daily activities in order to improve yourself in that area. With InnerHour you can keep track of your mood and goals. If you need someone to talk to, InnerHour gives you two options: book a live chat with one of their therapists or talk with their "relief bot", Allie. She will ask you how you feel and will give you a set of activities according to said emotion. Those activities vary from guided meditation to upbeat music!

InnerHour website:

3. Youper (iOS & Android)

Zoe Caballero
  • Like many of the other apps mention, with Youper you can track your mood every day. But, you also write down the things that made you feel that way, so with time, you will notice a pattern on your activities and how they impact on your emotions. Youper has a lot of tools to get to know yourself. You can save your thoughts to create a journal, or also answer tests to know your personality type, your stress and anxiety levels. When you're experiencing negative emotions, Youper will give you some mindfulness and meditation sessions. Definitely a great app to understand your feelings.

Youper website:

4. Pacifica (iOS & Android)

Zoe Caballero
  • A great app with a lot of features. You can find guided meditation, add health goals, create a hope board with images or messages that keep your mood up and many more things. What I also liked about Pacifica, is that it creates a community; there is a space where you can find and share tips, books, or just some messages that sprinkle good vibes. In addition, you can track your mood and the goals you set. Despite you have to pay to unlock all the tools, they offer several free features that are still useful.

Pacifica website:

5. Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety (iOS & Android)

Zoe Caballero
  • If talking to a bot doesn't sound like a good idea to you, Moodpath can be an option. After tracking your emotions for 14 days, the app will give you some psychological assessments to improve your mental health. The courses and activities are well-explained and very informative. However, not all of the features of the app are free. If you want them all, you will have to pay for a subscription.

Moodpath website:

6. Mindfulness with Petit BamBou (iOS & Android)

Zoe Caballero
  • If you always wanted to try meditation but you didn't know where to start, Petit BamBou. You are given eight guided meditations where you learn how to calm your mind and relax. To have more sessions, you will have to pay a subscription. However, you can also set your own time to meditate without the guidance and you also have access to some animated videos where you can learn the principles of meditation.

Petit BamBou website:

Taking care of our mental health is very important. So I hope one of these apps help you as a guide to improve your mental well-being.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash