Leave it to CoverGirl to school other cosmetic brands on what diversity really is.

At a time when Islamaphobia is actually a thing in this country, having a Muslim girl wear a hijab as the new face of the the cosmetic giant is both groundbreaking and revolutionary.

Nura Afia is a beauty blogger who has over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. Referring to the opportunity to serve as the face of CoverGirl, Afia called it “huge” because it allows Muslims to be "represented in a good light for once."

As a Muslim, seeing big-scale inclusion is not only important but vital. It is imperative to understand that we are just like everyone else, except with different customs/beliefs. It’s different, yes, but so what? We are not all terrorists. At the end of the day, we are still humans who deserve to be seen, heard, and respected.

As a result of Donald Trump’s harsh rhetoric and stereotypical judgement and conclusions, Islamaphobia has been an increasingly pertinent crisis. I personally know of both friends and family who have been harshly and vocally ridiculed on the streets because of their hijabs — things like “go back where you came from!” and being the unfortunate target of a water bottle. This is not America. This shouldn’t be America. And if these are some of our country’s true colors… Well, then Lord help us.

As a country built and founded on diversity, I expect more from it. That is why initiatives taken by big companies like CoverGirl help dispel negative stereotypes, and expand the realm of acceptance. It is extremely important for young Muslim Americans to know that they are welcome, that they will not be set apart, and that they can strive for anything. Seeing a version of yourself — whether we are talking about Hispanic diversity, African-American diversity, Asian diversity, trans diversity…etc. — on a bigger platform is always empowering, inspiring, and reassuring.

Take home message — keep doing you no matter what anyone says!

Featured Image: Lacey Terrell for CoverGirl

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