They say you always want what you can’t have. I used to call major B.S., until I graduated high school.

Hi, I’m Michaela— also known as my school’s class of 2018 “worst case of senioritis” recipient. That was pretty much the best way to describe me: daydreaming about college from the minute I was accepted, leaving me so disinterested in the academic year I had yet to finish. Maybe it was because I was accepted on the earlier side of the year that I checked out so soon, but as far as I was concerned, I practically had the diploma in my hand.

As my school absences began racking up, so did my time with my friends. It was weird not to see them as much, but an appropriate foreshadow for the years to come.

I chose a college best suited financially and academically for myself. For me, that meant staying local, so I didn’t think much of the whole “leaving” ordeal. Although I’m living on-campus in a dorm room, it doesn’t seem as legitimate since my bedroom is just a 20-minute drive away.

But here I am, with everything I had dreamed of: classes on my time and learning things I’m actually interested in. However, something is still missing— that little piece that always kept me going.

My friends.

Even if we didn’t have the same classes together, we always found our way, whether it is going to lunch or taking a lap in our free period, I always made the time to see my girls. I will continue to, despite our classrooms being neighboring states instead of doors. 

Change may be scary, but change is good. It’s exciting to see everyone go off in their different directions and how we can all conquer so many different paths.

It’s hard to remind myself of that since right now I feel the distance has taken such a toll. But we are here to fight that. From daily FaceTimes to Snapchat groups, we will fight to keep our bond strong. I’m so proud of my girls, my class, and of myself. We are off to do amazing things in this great big world.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash