As I reach peak internship-finding season and apply to more jobs, the more I realize how similar the entire applying process is to online dating. With both, you're looking for that perfect match, but to do so, you have to sift through tons of incompatible matches in what seems like a never-ending journey.

1. First impressions matter.

Whether it's the first time you meet or the opening message you send, first impressions are crucial! Giving off a bad vibe could ruin your chances altogether, all from one interaction. Sometimes you might turn the person off just by not seeming like the ideal candidate they're looking for and that'll be the end of your potential relationship.

2. Catfishing does happen.

Whether it's on your end or theirs, it's easy to overhype yourself as you try to give a good first impression and gain their interest. As a result, it's quite common to find out that someone/something isn't as great as you expected, further down the line. You can try to avoid this as much as possible by doing your research at the start. Google the company and read their reviews and creep on the person's social media early on to make sure you know what you're getting into. 

3. People ghost (and often)!

This is probably the worst part of both processes, especially when you start to get invested. It gets your hopes up and leaves you frustrated because you really thought you were finally getting somewhere. In this age of social media, it should be especially easy to communicate to someone that you're no longer interested so they can focus on other opportunities, yet people still resort to ghosting.

4. You should never assume where you stand.

You may think you had an amazing interview or an amazing couple of dates, but it may not be the case for the other person. Stay positive but also don't get your hopes up. You are never really done looking until there's a communicated commitment from the other party. The perk of this is that you can always keep looking for alternatives while you're in the early stages of forming a (work or romantic) relationship.

5. Sometimes you shoot your shot and get ignored.

Whether it's sending the world's most beautifully crafted cover letter or the wittiest pickup line, sometimes it's just not meant to be and your efforts get ignored. It happens to the best of us. In this case, there's no shame in reusing your quality content on someone who might appreciate it more. That's the beauty of recycling!

6. Rejection is inevitable.

Sometimes you get a rejection from the very start (first application/first swipe), but sometimes it's much farther down the line. Either outcome is incredibly disappointing but all it means is that you're one step closer to finding "The One."

All in all, both processes do suck but it'll feel extra good once you stop having to check Indeed/Tinder daily. As long as you don't settle for less than you deserve it'll be a long time before you have to get back in the searching game again!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash