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Nov 17 2016
by Deanna Tran

#SanctuaryCampus: NYU Protests Trump's Immigration Policies

By Deanna Tran - Nov 17 2016

Inspired by Movimiento Cosecha's #SanctuaryCampus Campaign, this Wednesday, students and professors at NYU staged a massive walk-out in support of anyone who felt unsafe in light of the recent election.

Protestors, dressed in all black, gathered in and around the fountain at Washington Square Park to chant and hear stories from their fellow NYU students, marking the beginning of the NYU Rising movement.

“Do I look like an alien?” shouted Felipe Gomez as he debunked the myths and stereotypes surrounding undocumented immigrants.

The event, in part led by Hannah Fullerton, a junior in Gallatin, featured other speakers from various backgrounds who felt personally marginalized by many of Donald Trump’s proposed policies.

“Why should we assume the best of him when he has said the worst?” asked Devina Singh, a student of Indian descent, who feels that her family is threatened despite their attempts to gain legal status.

Pia, a graduate student studying Public Health, spoke openly of her status as an undocumented student. She and Claudia Carvajal, another undocumented student and speaker at the event, praised President Obama’s DACA policy for giving them the opportunity to thrive as independent individuals, and warned that the policy would be threatened under a Trump presidency.

“I will not be moved,” stated Pia.

View of the walkout from Kimmel - Photo by Anoushka Bhat
"Do I look like an alien?"
Deanna Tran for Fresh U NYU

The protest remained peaceful throughout its entirety despite a particular instance when a Trump supporter made an appearance (though students should be accepting of people with different political views).

After two hours in Washington Square Park, the rally transitioned to Bobst for a silent protest in front of the school's administration in an effort to have NYU designated a #SanctuaryCampus.

Members of the administration could be seen on the outskirts of the protest, respectfully observing the event as Fullerton stood proudly in front holding a sign that read "NYU is Rising."

Deanna Tran for Fresh U NYU

“I wanted an organization that spoke to the urgency that folks are feeling in this current political moment,” said Fullerton about her reasons for starting NYU Rising. She posted on Facebook, “Regardless of what our administration or government does or doesn't do, today we showed that we have each other.”

The other speakers in the event were Myles Golden and Alejandra Ramirez
Deanna Tran for Fresh U NYU

Featured image: Deanna Tran for Fresh U NYU

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