The most dreaded testing season is almost upon us. While many spend all of high school terrified of the SAT and similar tests, they truly aren’t that scary. Just as we found out that the monster under the bed was nothing but socks and dust, the SAT is just a number. Whether the score is high or low, it is not permanent. The test can be taken several times, and many schools will allow super scoring. Super scoring is when colleges take the highest reading score and the highest math score and combine them into one SAT score. The two highest scores do not need to be from the most recent test, nor do they have to be from the same test. This can take some of the testing pressures off.

The "S" Stands Means: Stay calm.


Everyone over exaggerates the importance of the SAT. Most universities are starting to take a holistic view of the student application process. This simply means that colleges want a well-rounded individual. They want someone who will fit in on campus and someone that has something to add to the atmosphere. Yes, the SAT will be used to help decide what aptitude you have, and yes every scholarship application will ask about it, but we are all worth more than just a number. We are going to fill our applications with our hopes, dreams, and ambitions. This is just a singular test, and it is not the make or break part of your application.

The "A" Means: Achieve your best.


While this is not the only factor in the college admissions process, you should still try to do your best. In order to put your best foot forward on test day, study. Buying a SAT prep book, or going to Khan Academy and practicing will greatly improve scores. Even starting now and working just 15 minutes a day can lead to drastic improvements in scores. Once you get into the routine of studying, it will simply be a part of your daily routine. When the practice becomes tough, be willing to reach out to teachers and friends for help. If something is confusing, do not hesitate to use your available resources to help you achieve your best.

The "T" Means: Take your time. 


Do not try to cram study. If cram study doesn’t work for biology, it won’t work for the SAT. Study bit by bit, this way you will have a higher chance of memorization. At the same time, high school is going to start to fly by faster and faster. Remember to stop and smell the roses of the high school experience. Bond with your friends in study sessions for the SAT, or maybe plan a movie night to help get everyone away from the SAT. Time is always going to fly away at lightning speed. Live every moment to the fullest potential because you will never have that moment again.

Overall, the race to the SAT is a marathon, not a sprint. With some planning and dedication, the SAT will be a cake walk. You can take the test once, or countless times, either way, you are worth more than just a number. This test cannot define who you are or who you are going to be once you step out into the world. 

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay