New York City is having exceptionally good weather this week, and because of that, I decided to sit in Washington Square Park. I was reading Dante's "Inferno" and listening to music only to occasionally look up at a fluffy dog that caught my eye. After around thirty minutes, I finished reading and looked up. Out of no where this short, dark featured Italian man asked me if I was reading poetry. Taken off guard, I nodded yes and went back to reading, but this guy wanted to keep talking. 

He introduced himself as Giovanni Di Luciano from Milan, Italy. I didn't care too much, so I just smiled. He then kept going on talking, wondering if I went to NYU. He said we should hate each other because he went to Columbia. I laughed at what I'm assuming he thought was a witty joke because he was cracking up, but tried to signal to him that I didn't want to be bothered by trying to read my book again. The next thing he said got me intrigued and not for the better... 

He started talking about how he got this father mad by putting him in his place socio-economically by flashing his black cards in his face. I stopped him before he could say anymore by saying, "Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to be rude about it." His jaw dropped, and he smiled, saying "wow, I've met so many people, and I mean the Dalai Llama, the President, but you're a breath of fresh air." I completly disregarded that weird compliment and got even angrier at his impulsive name dropping. He just continued to smile and tell me about his family decent. He's a Gabbana from Dolce and Gabbana, apparently. I drew the line of putting time into this guy when he said that if he was a lot younger he would date me. 

Thank God my mom called me at the perfect time – I booked it. This guy was unreal, like every stereotype you can think of about rich people was infused into him. I was so infuriated that I did some research on him, and you would not believe what I found on him. 

His name may not even be Giovanni, but he is from Milan, Italy. In fact, this guy is a criminal. Not for anything insane like murder, but for credit card scams. As soon as I learned that I made sure I had all my belongings (which I did). Anyways, this guy was arrested in 2008 for stealing people's cards by using the powder from an Etch a Sketch (I don't know how that works). He got interviewed in jail and he was saying how at 18 in Italy he wanted to live a "rock and roll lifestyle." He got in a bit of trouble in Italy, so his parents sent him to New York. His parents gave him a substantial amount of money and credit cards to live life in New York, hoping that he would enroll himself into school which he never did. He then went on saying he wanted to get into the hottest nightclubs because he saw average guys go in and come out with beautiful girls. He used to wait all night in order to get in, but never would – that is until one day he met these two French brothers and made up his whole Dolce and Gabbana lineage and bought them both a lot of coke, and no one is going to question the guy buying them coke, so they helped him get into the clubs. After that, Giovanni has been stealing credit cards and making up a story of how his parents bought him a penthouse near Central Park. 

So, if you're ever in Washington Square Park and a stalky, Italian moron comes up to you, heres a heads up, but I recommend talking to him just to mess with him. 

You can read more about him here.

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